martes, 13 de agosto de 2013

How To: convert Death Wing Terminator from Dark Vengeance box

  Hi! I want to introduce you the Death Wing Terminator Squad for my next project with a little "how to".
I want to give everyone a different and unique look prioritizing aesthetics over the effectiveness in the game.

Mixing parts from Death Wing Terminators Command Squad
 and Death Wing Terminators from Dark Vengeance Box

 I use some frontal parts for the torso allowing me to exchange the head too, notice that I also filed the aiming thing on the storm bolter, these are Death Wing Terminators, no aiming needed!

The two infamous twin models

 The squad fully assembled, storm bolter arm repositioned in each Terminator trying to give them a more dynamic appearance. Claws and Cyclone ML from the Death Wing Command Squad.

Assembly step is finished

Squad posing together

Finally with Dry Desert bases added and first step of preshading done

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 Hope you like it and stay tuned for more!

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